Daniel Osmer – Ambassador for Youth Science

Third Wind Bio

After 30 years in Michigan, Daniel and the entire family of four, moved to a well-established Waldorf school community in Northern New England and after 18 years relocated again to northern California in 1999.

(1st Wind)

In northern Michigan, we created a small Waldorf school, an intentional community of 50 and an alternative energy business installing wood, wind, solar, hydro and composting systems. The copy in the company flyer written in 1979 still applies today. Double click on the image to enlarge.

(2nd Wind)

After a year in northern New England, we established and developed an Apple Computer store and IBM dealership starting in 1982, where we translated computer jargon into plain English for the local community and the greater Boston market. In 1985 we joined the Monadnock Community Land Trust as one of 12 homes on 90 acres and in addition became participants in the Temple-Wilton Community Farm CSA.

(3rd Wind)

Just before moving to N. California, the study and practice of finance, accounting and real estate began to hold my full attention, including a stint as CFO for a small corporation. The real estate practice, science buzz cafe and financial drivers license (economics and financial literacy curriculum for teens) all continue to develop in Sebastopol, CA.

"Future economic sustainability will depend on our ability to make engaging science and technology educational opportunities available to all children of all ages. The most thriving economies of the new century will be driven by ingenuity, innovation and initiative. All three are born from creativity. Creativity begins in childhood play. Therefore, the highest and most effective economic decision any community can make is to provide unlimited investment for cultivating the capacities and talents of all youth in Sonoma County." 

Upcoming Events

AE Café #13
Inside the Federal Reserve
6:30pm July 14, 2011
Location: Coffee Catz

Will feature a story about the Federal Reserve and how they attempted to balance the "store of value" (SV) or capital.